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Proudly Supporting Quark (QRK)

With accessible CPU mining, and super secure hashing, Quark is a true next gen digital currency.


What Is Your Turnaround Time?

After submitting your order with us we will send you an invoice (payable in QRK) within 12 hours, at the very latest, for your item.


What Are Your Fees?

As QRK is still a relatively new and volatile currency - all orders carry a 20% fee. We are looking at lowering these fees, as soon as market conditions allow.


How Do I Order?

Simply fill in the webform below - and we will get back to you within 12 hours (at the very latest) with an invoice.


What Can I Buy?

Anything! We order on your behalf from eBay, Amazon, and anywhere else you need to shop online with your QRK.


Do You Keep My Details Private?

Yes. After we have processed your order we erase all personal information we have on file such as your address.

QuarkSpend Open Beta


QuarkSpend is currently in Open Beta and taking orders.

There is a limit of $100 USD (excluding shipping and fees) in Quark per order – and we will process a maximum of three orders per day.

These limits will soon be lifted and our processing fees lowered, after QuarkSpend is out of our Open Beta!

We created this service to support the Quark ecosystem and aid in its growth and evolution.

Placing An Order With QuarkSpend


The QuarkSpend order process is designed to be as simple and smooth as possible.


We act as a middleman between you and the merchant:


1.) You submit an order using the form below.

2.) We calculate the total price (incl. fees & shipping).

3.) We send you a CoinPayments payment invoice.

4.) You enter your shipping information & pay in Quark.

5.) We purchase the item(s) with your shipping information.

6.) We send you the receipt & tracking number.

7.) Done.


** Please make sure your shipping information is correct. We cannot take responsibility for packages lost as a result of incorrect shipping information! **

Place Order

To place an order simply fill in the form below:

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Your Name (required)

Street 1 (required)

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Support QuarkSpend


If you think what we’re doing is awesome, you can support QuarkSpend and help us grow (so we can lift the Open Beta order limit sooner, lower our fees, and introduce other cool features) by donating Quark to: QMbec8zXmYYtzTGWm6ZhtEJjiGu4nqLaYY


You can also support QuarkSpend by cloudmining Bitcoin with Bitcoin cloud mining platform CEX.IO